Patient Admissions

We have simplified the admission process for home care services. Registration is two pages:

  1. The first page is the patient personal information, insurance, Medical Power of Attorney (MPOA) information and emergency contact.
  2. The second page is consents and HIPAA.

Both forms must be signed by the patient or MPOA, whom ever is making the medical decisions for the patient. We do ask for copies of the insurance to be sent with the registration forms.


Once our staff receive the signed registration forms and insurance copies they will begin the process of verifying insurance, reviewing information and inputting all patient information into our Electronic Health Record (EHR) for the Provider.

The staff will be in contact with the patient, MPOA and Community or Group Home throughout the process.

Scheduling an Appointment for a House Call / In-Home Health Care visit

The patient will then be scheduled for their initial visit. This will be coordinated with the patient, MPOA, Community, Group Home and/or Caregiver. Our scheduling staff will communicate with the necessary Parties as instructed by the patient or MPOA.

For Communities and Group Homes the Scheduling staff will inform them of the visits to ensure that the community is aware of the visit and can prepare any medication refill request, information for the Provider and question or concerns.

  • Follow up appointments will be scheduled as the Home Care Provider decides is necessary for the individual patient.
  • If the patient needs to be seen sooner or urgently we will schedule as needed or requested.

If you have questions, or to schedule a home health care visit (house call), please call (480) 589-2890 or contact us below: